Rugby for Beginners

Here is a video from England Rugby Union about bringing rugby into schools and to students that have never had, or experienced it before.


Here is a video from Europe using animation to explain the game of rugby to someone who has never seen it before.

This video tries to give a reasonable explanation for many of the rules and plays in rugby.  Some of this will seem very obvious but I think there is value in watching this if you have never played the game before.

Rugby Positions have many different names depending on the country you are playing in. However regardless of the name, they all share the same job descriptions.  In the following video a New Zealand commentator goes through the various rugby positions using the New Zealand All Blacks as examples.  You will notice that we use a few different terms for our positions.  Most notably, what we refer to as a Scrumhalf or #9, they call the Halfback.  What we refer to as the Flyhalf or #10, they call the ‘1st 5/8’s’ and what we call the Inside Centre they call the ‘2nd 5/8’s’.  Have a watch.

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